Sir Ken Robinson – Leading a Learning Revolution

Uploaded on Feb 22, 2012
Sir Ken Robinson provides the closing statement for the LWF 12 conference under the theme “leading a learning revolution”.

Reforms are required for our industrial scale education systems but what forms shall they take, what will they value and what purpose shall they serve?

In closing the LWF 12 conference Sir Ken Robinson reflects on what has been heard and discussed with previous speakers and offers a call to action for the delegates to look at the future with a new determination based upon the challenges that future generations face and where our education systems will need to nurture the creative innovators upon which our future well-being will be placed.

Presented at the Learning Without Frontiers Conference, London, 26th January 2012.


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  1. Ray Bishop says:

    This is a remarkably cogent summary of the inadequacies of our current educational system and the issues which need to be addressed to change it for future generations. I recommend it highly.

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