A Big, Unexplored Idea in School Reform

Saturday, 15 June 2013 11:33
By Marion Brady, The Washington Post

The big new thing in education reform is the Common Core State Standards initiative. Not everyone is a fan. Gene Glass, former president of the American Educational Research Association, calls the standards an “idiots’ solution to a misunderstood problem. That problem: an archaic curriculum that will prepare no child for life in 2040 and beyond.”

I’m with Dr. Glass. I oppose the standards because they reinforce rather than rethink a curriculum that can’t do the job.

Evidence of the traditional general education curriculum’s inadequacy is overwhelming. As every adult surely knows from firsthand experience, it dumps so much raw, disorganized information on learners that most of it is quickly forgotten. It neglects important new fields of knowledge. It has no agreed-upon aim. It tries to dumb kids down to performance levels simple enough to be tested by machines. It chops up information, ignoring the seamless way the brain learns. It turns kids off. It’s time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive.



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  1. Ray Bishop says:

    Excellent analysis of the problems with the Common Core State Standards.
    Well worth reading!

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