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How Millions of People Can Help Solve Climate Change

By Thomas W. Malone, Robert Laubacher and Laur Fisher on Wed, 15 Jan 2014 PBS If there ever was a problem that’s hard to solve, it’s climate change. It’s a complex challenge requiring more expertise than any one person can possess—in-depth knowledge of the physics of the upper atmosphere, a firm grasp on the economics […]

FundingDream Aims to Reinvigorate Crowdfunding in China

By Adam Popescu Mashable 8/31/2013 Can a crowdfunding site succeed in China? If a new company can get the attention of a small percent of China’s more than 1.4 billion people, the impact could be huge, and the revenue even bigger. Still in private beta and launching in early December, FundingDream is an all-or-nothing setup […]

To Stay Afloat, Bookstores Turn to Web Donors

By JULIE BOSMAN Published: August 11, 2013 NYTimes For years, independent bookstores have taken creative steps to fight off challenges from Amazon and the superstores by building in-house espresso bars, hosting members-only lunches with authors and selling birthday cards, toys and trinkets. In 2013, it has come to this: Asking their customers for donations. Crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding Trends: Which Crowdfunding Sites Will Survive

Ryan Caldbeck, Contributor 6/23/2013 @ 6:40PM Forbes According to industry estimates, there are currently over 500 active crowdfunding platforms – some sources have quoted 9,000 registered domain names related to crowdfunding. While these platforms vary along stated dimensions like form of security to investor—equity, debt, rewards, donation, industry and geography—there is another more important, often […]

New crowdfunding site gets YouTubers a regular paycheck

By Rachel Feltman Quartz June 22, 2013 Jack Conte says he’s earning over $60,000 a year making music videos for his YouTube channel, and he wants to help other artists do the same. Launched in May, his crowdfunding platform Patreon aims to get YouTube personalities get paid for the things they make—great and small. Unlike […]

How the ‘Biggest Scam in Kickstarter History’ Almost Worked

By Eric Larson June 21, 2013 Mashable Rarely does a crowdfunding platform pull the plug on one of its projects. But on Thursday, June 13, Kickstarter suspended all funding to a campaign called Kobe Red — just hours before the month-long endeavor was scheduled to close. Operated by a group called Magnus Fun, Inc., the […]

Crowdfunding Academic Research

June 10, 2013 Inside Higher Ed By Lauren Ingeno When a professor from a small liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania decided to take on a massive research project two summers ago, he went through the usual, often futile, process of applying for federal and private grants. But when funds were short a year later, […]

Instagrad tackles student loan debt with crowdfunding platform for college

June 8, 2013 9:00 AM Rebecca Grant VB Student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion and yet the cost of college tuition continues to rise. Instagrad launched its attempt to solve this problem today. The startup has built a crowdfunding platform to help parents pay for their kids’ college education. Parents create campaigns on Instagrad […]

Crowdfunding on the rise

By Toni Waterman POSTED: 07 Jun 2013 12:40 AM Channel NewsAsia SINGAPORE: Entrepreneurs often have great ideas but more often have no money to fund them. So increasingly, they are turning to crowdfunding, soliciting donations through online sites. But the trend has been slow to take off in Asia. Just last week, Singapore-based startup Pirate3D […]

Thinking of Running an Open Innovation Contest? Think Again.

Randall S. Wright June 5, 2013 MIT Technology Review Open innovation contests are gaining popularity with companies. The thinking is that since not all the smart people work for your company, and technology is developing so rapidly, why not hold a contest to get the best minds competing to innovate for you? While 99 percent […]