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Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers

By CORAL DAVENPORTMAY 13, 2014 NYTimes WASHINGTON — The accelerating rate of climate change poses a severe risk to national security and acts as a catalyst for global political conflict, a report published Tuesday by a leading government-funded military research organization concluded. The CNA Corporation Military Advisory Board found that climate change-induced drought in the […]

Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt

By JUSTIN GILLIS and KENNETH CHANGMAY 12, 2014 NYTimes A large section of the mighty West Antarctica ice sheet has begun falling apart and its continued melting now appears to be unstoppable, two groups of scientists reported on Monday. If the findings hold up, they suggest that the melting could destabilize neighboring parts of the […]

One of the 6 Biggest Ecological Disasters in the last 4.5 Billion Years is Happening Right Now

BY JEFFREY MARLOW 05.08.14 | 10:08 AM | Wired When a 10 km-wide meteorite slammed into the Earth roughly 65 million years ago, megatsunamis sloshed across the oceans and a front of superheated particles swept across the surface, outward from the impact site located in modern-day Mexico. Most significantly, a thick cloud of dust enshrouded […]

U.S. Climate Has Already Changed, Study Finds, Citing Heat and Floods

By JUSTIN GILLISMAY 6, 2014 NYTimes The effects of human-induced climate change are being felt in every corner of the United States, scientists reported Tuesday, with water growing scarcer in dry regions, torrential rains increasing in wet regions, heat waves becoming more common and more severe, wildfires growing worse, and forests dying under assault from […]

Climate Change Adjustments Must Be Fast And Major, U.N. Panel Says

by NELL GREENFIELDBOYCE April 13, 2014 9:40 AM ET NPR A new report from the United Nations’ panel on climate change says major action is needed, and fast, if policymakers want to limit global warming to acceptable levels. There’s an international target to control climate change: keeping the global temperature rise to just 2 degrees […]

Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come

By JUSTIN GILLISMARCH 30, 2014 NYTimes YOKOHAMA, Japan — Climate change is already having sweeping effects on every continent and throughout the world’s oceans, scientists reported Monday, and they warned that the problem is likely to grow substantially worse unless greenhouse emissions are brought under control. The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, […]

It’s Been Exactly 29 Years Since Earth Had a Colder-Than-Average Month

Andrew Freedman Mashable 3/20/14 t’s been exactly 29 years — or 348 consecutive months — since the last cooler-than-average month on this planet, according to new data released on Wednesday morning. The data, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reflects the warming trend seen around the world during the past century, which scientists […]

Global Warming May Be More Severe Than We Thought, Study Finds

Andrew Freedman 3/14/14 Mashable The Earth’s climate system may be more sensitive to increasing amounts of greenhouse gases than several recent studies have found, which implies that steeper and faster emissions cuts will be necessary to keep warming below dangerous levels. The new research, which appeared this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, questions […]

A national perspective on climate change

By Alvin Powell, Harvard Staff Writer March 13, 2014 Harvard Gazette A surprisingly large group of Americans are worried enough about global warming to take action on the issue, said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, during a Harvard talk on March 6. For more than a decade, Leiserowitz has […]

West’s Drought and Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights

By MICHAEL WINESMARCH 16, 2014 NYTimes MUMFORD, Tex. — Across the parched American West, the long drought has set off a series of fierce legal and political battles over who controls an increasingly dear treasure — water. Just outside this minuscule farm town, Frank DeStefano was feeding a 500-acre cotton crop with water from the […]