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Emerging Trends-Is the American Dream Dead?

Innovation, Optimism and Jobs

Joe Nocera FEB. 14, 2014 NYTimes Is digital technology destroying middle-class jobs? Does it exacerbate income inequality? Does it boost economic growth and productivity — without creating the jobs that ought to come with economic growth? Last month I gave space to a book titled “Who Owns the Future?” by the computer scientist Jaron Lanier. […]

The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.

By NELSON D. SCHWARTZFEB. 2, 2014 nytIMES In Manhattan, the upscale clothing retailer Barneys will replace the bankrupt discounter Loehmann’s, whose Chelsea store closes in a few weeks. Across the country, Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants are struggling, while fine-dining chains like Capital Grille are thriving. And at General Electric, the increase in demand […]

Capitalism vs. Democracy

JAN. 28, 2014 Thomas B. Edsall NYTimes Thomas Piketty’s new book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” described by one French newspaper as a “a political and theoretical bulldozer,” defies left and right orthodoxy by arguing that worsening inequality is an inevitable outcome of free market capitalism. Piketty, a professor at the Paris School of Economics, […]

‘Report card’ says US economy is failing | Futurity

Posted by Clifton B. Parker-Stanford on January 20, 2014 Futurity A new report highlights the implications of rising poverty, job loss, and greater inequality in America. The social safety net has performed admirably, but is struggling to meet rising poverty and needs. It gets a mixed grade, while the economy gets an “F” for failing […]

Will Digital Networks Ruin Us?

By JOE NOCERA Published: January 6, 2014 NYTimes The most important book I read in 2013 was Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future?” Though it was published in May, I came to it late in the year. But this turned out to be fortuitous timing. With unemployment seemingly stalled out at around 7 percent in […]

The trouble with democracy

David Runciman The Guardian, Friday 8 November 2013 10.00 EST Government shutdowns, petty policy squabbles, voter disaffection – democracy doesn’t seem to work very well. But what’s the alternative? And can we rely on muddling through? It has been a bad few months for western democracy. Over the summer we discovered that while democratic citizens […]

Is the American Dream Still Alive?

by BOB MIGLANI NOVEMBER 5, 2013, 3:14 PM Big Think It’s not an easy question to answer, especially in our current times full of uncertainty in our work and in our lives. We read the news, go to work, run a business or meet friends and all we hear about is the challenging nature of […]

Poverty in America Is Mainstream

By MARK R. RANK November 2, 2013, 2:30 pm NYTimes Few topics in American society have more myths and stereotypes surrounding them than poverty, misconceptions that distort both our politics and our domestic policy making. They include the notion that poverty affects a relatively small number of Americans, that the poor are impoverished for years […]

Facing Gridlock, A Bold Proposal for Democracy

By Neil Wollman OpEdNews 10/15/2013 at 16:17:30 In the face of government gridlock over the federal budget, let us consider a new way to make some policy decisions. What if citizens voted not only for candidates in presidential elections, but for policies that directly affect their own welfare–including budget priorities? A strong, definitive public voice […]

Occupy Wall Street Legacy

By CHARLES M. BLOW Published: September 13, 2013 NYTimes When Occupy Wall Street sprang up in parks and under tents, one of the many issues the protesters pressed was economic inequality. Then, as winter began to set in, the police swept the protesters away. All across the country the crowds thinned and enthusiasm waned, and […]