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Budget Gridlock Feeds Pessimism at Annual Fiscal ‘Summit’

By Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press Posted on 05/8/2013 AARP Blog WASHINGTON (AP) — On this, some of Washington’s highest-ranking budget players can agree: A “grand bargain” this year to close the nation’s chronic budget deficits seems like a long shot. That was the consensus at an annual Washington “fiscal summit” thrown by billionaire deficit […]

Iowans in Congress know gridlock affects business decisions

May 9, 2013 DesMoines Register Written by CHRISTOPHER DOERING Gannett Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — U.S. lawmakers acknowledged the need to bring more certainty to central Iowa businesses, some of whom may be holding back on hiring new workers or investing in their operations because of the gridlock in Washington. The state’s congressional delegation gave a […]

Congressional gridlock benefiting seniors at expense of young By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Published: May 10

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Published: May 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT KOMOnews.com WASHINGTON (AP) — With Congress increasingly unable to resolve budget disputes, federal programs on automatic pilot are consuming ever larger amounts of government resources. The trend helps older Americans, who receive the bulk of Social Security and Medicare benefits, at the […]

The Budget Debate in 6 Simple Graphics

NIRAJ CHOKSHI for National Journal May 9 2013 Mashable The federal budget is incomprehensibly large: $3.5 trillion to fund everything from benefits payments to courts to cops to education to research. There are hundreds of ways to slice it up, but some of the simplest come from the nonpartisan agency in charge of analyzing the […]