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Ocean Acidification Will Make Climate Change Worse

By Bryan Walsh @bryanrwalshAug. 26, 2013 Time Given that they cover 70% of the Earth’s surface—and provide about 90% of the planet’s habitable space by volume—the oceans tend to get short shrift when it comes to climate change. The leaked draft of the forthcoming coming new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlighted […]

Energy program shows the dishonesty of climate change arguments: Guest opinion

By Gordon J. Fulks on July 20, 2013 at 5:00 AM, updated July 20, 2013 at 5:01 AM The Oregonian In 1960 when a U-2 spy plane disappeared over the Soviet Union, President Dwight Eisenhower told the world that it was a “weather research aircraft” flying out of Turkey. That cover story worked for a […]

Coal, jobs and climate change the debate

By Jon Talton Originally published Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 8:02 PM Special to The Seattle Times It would be ironic if the coal export terminals proposed for the Northwest were scuttled because additional trains promised greater inconvenience for drivers. At least it would be a symbolic victory against one of the worst causes of […]

The Amazing Energy Race

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: July 2, 2013 President Obama delivered his most important national security and jobs speech last week. I think he also mentioned something about climate change. The headline from Obama’s speech was his decision to cut America’s carbon emissions by bypassing a dysfunctional Congress and directing the Environmental Protection Agency to […]

Let’s Not Braise the Planet

MARK BITTMAN July 1, 2013, 9:05 pm NYTimes According to a report released by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace last month, we are not running out of fossil fuels anytime soon. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution we’ve used around 1.2 trillion barrels of oil; the report estimates that with current technology we […]

Obama is right on climate change

By Chris Field, Special to CNN updated 6:00 PM EDT, Fri June 28, 2013 Editor’s note: Chris Field is the director of the Department of Global Ecology of the Carnegie Institution for Science and co-chair of a working group tasked with assessing climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

Pity the Coal Miners: A Greener Environment’s Biggest Losers

by Stuart Stevens Jun 28, 2013 4:45 AM EDT Daily Beast There’s a reason President Obama outlined his climate-change proposals on June 25, 2013, and not June 25, 2012, and it has nothing to do with science. It’s called votes. The president ran for reelection on an “all of the above” energy strategy. “We need […]

Will Obama’s Climate Policy Spur New Energy Technologies?

By Kevin Bullis on June 28, 2013 Technology Review This week, when President Obama announced his new plan to address climate change largely through new regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, he sang the praises of technological progress, arguing that in the past, regulations spurred innovation that in turn helped the economy (see […]

This Climate Fix Might Be Decades Ahead Of Its Time

by RICHARD HARRIS June 27, 2013 2:53 AM npr Every year, people add 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the air, mostly by burning fossil fuels. That’s contributing to climate change. A few scientists have been dreaming about ways to pull some of that CO2 out of the air, but face stiff skepticism and […]

What Are We Going to Do About Carbon?

by Megan McArdle Jun 25, 2013 10:34 AM EDT Big Think At 1:30 today, the president will make a big speech outlining his plans for carbon control. It involves using the EPA’s regulatory power to slap emissions controls on power plants, and minor additional subsidies for renewables, and speeding up permitting for clean energy projects. […]