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The trouble with democracy

David Runciman The Guardian, Friday 8 November 2013 10.00 EST Government shutdowns, petty policy squabbles, voter disaffection – democracy doesn’t seem to work very well. But what’s the alternative? And can we rely on muddling through? It has been a bad few months for western democracy. Over the summer we discovered that while democratic citizens […]

Facing Gridlock, A Bold Proposal for Democracy

By Neil Wollman OpEdNews 10/15/2013 at 16:17:30 In the face of government gridlock over the federal budget, let us consider a new way to make some policy decisions. What if citizens voted not only for candidates in presidential elections, but for policies that directly affect their own welfare–including budget priorities? A strong, definitive public voice […]

Why Congress’ gridlock paralyzes democracy, not government

By Robert Reich, Guest blogger / August 15, 2013 Christian Science Monitor Congress began its summer recess last week and won’t reconvene until after Labor Day. You’d be forgiven for not noticing a difference. With just 15 bills signed into law so far this year, the 113th Congress is on pace to be the most […]

Trouble in Paradise

Slavoj Žižek on the global protest 18 July 2013 London Review of Books In his early writings, Marx described the German situation as one in which the only answer to particular problems was the universal solution: global revolution. This is a succinct expression of the difference between a reformist and a revolutionary period: in a […]

Is our way the only way?

Saturday, July 13, 2013 2:59 AM Roshana Ariel Salina.com I’ve often wondered why my son and his friends enjoy living in China. Kris has been there since 2001 and runs a popular restaurant with his friends in Kunming, a city of 6 million. Part of the answer to my wondering was answered in a fascinating […]

Are Some Problems Too Big for Democracy?

JULY 9, 2013, 6:46 PM by DAVID BERREBY BigThink “Morsi is an idiot,” says a friend of mine. “But he should have been voted out.” Like many people I know, he can’t endorse the military overthrow of a man who won a free and fair election (by a percentage that exceeded that of President Obama’s […]

‘Crowdsourced Democracy’ – a social contract for Congress.

Peter Diamandis Contract For Congress Tim Heile Posted on March 31, 2013 I spend most of my time immersed in Edtech but my other great passion is the potential of using technology and the power of the crowd to fix our broken democracy. A must read in this area is Lawrence Lessig’s ‘Republic, Lost’, as […]

Tell Me How This Ends

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: May 21, 2013 NYTimes SANLIURFA, Turkey — I’ve been traveling to Yemen, Syria and Turkey to film a documentary on how environmental stresses contributed to the Arab awakening. As I looked back on the trip, it occurred to me that three of our main characters — the leaders of the […]

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Is democracy in trouble?

BY E.J. DIONNE JR. Posted: 05/20/2013 01:01:13 AM PDT The Reporter WASHINGTON — We know American politics are dysfunctional. But after a week of scandal obsession during which the nation’s capital and the media virtually ignored the problems most voters care about — jobs, incomes, growth, opportunity, education — it’s worth asking if there is […]

Businessmen lament terrifying decline of free-market capitalism

May 13, 2013 by John R. Smith Bizpac Review Some of my friends in national politics are terrified. Several sources tell me there’s a growing fear that the institutional pillars holding the republic together are starting to destabilize – and that the center may not hold. Free-market innovation fueled growth for the 20 years before […]