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How A Drug Raid Gone Wrong Sparked A Call For Change In The Unlikeliest State In The Nation

Posted: 10/24/2013 7:31 am EDT | Updated: 10/24/2013 9:46 am EDT Huffington Post This article is the first in a six-part series about the drug war and police reform. OGDEN, Utah — It’s late summer, and the house at 3268 Jackson Ave. has been boarded up for months. The front door, riddled with bullet holes, […]

Point/Counterpoint: ‘War on drugs’ is lost, time for new strategy

By Harry Peck 9/7/2013 Green Valley News We live in a nation awash in illegal drugs. For over 40 years we have fought a “war on drugs” at a tremendous cost with no evidence that it reduces use of illegal recreational drugs, which is the war’s only conceivable purpose. How did we get to this […]

Andres Oppenheimer: A turning point in the U.S. drug war

BY ANDRES OPPENHEIMER Posted on Monday, 09.02.13 Miami Herald The U.S. decision not to challenge Washington and Colorado’s plans to legalize marijuana makes the U.S. drug policy look like a text-book case of political hypocrisy: How can the U.S. government give a green light to legalization at home while continuing to fight it abroad? j […]

Canada’s 100-year war on drugs

By: Allan Levine Winnipeg Free Press Posted: 08/3/2013 1:00 AM As an astute political strategy, Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau’s recent declaration that he supports the legalization of marijuana makes sense — sort of. Such a policy definitely separates the Liberals from the Conservatives and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has stated a Conservative government […]

Vicente Fox Sits Down With High Times Magazine To Blast Drug War

The Huffington Post | By Roque Planas Posted: 07/16/2013 5:16 pm EDT It doesn’t get much more pro-marijuana than this. Ex-President of Mexico Vicente Fox sat down for an interview with High Times magazine, where he blasted U.S.-led drug war efforts as a “total failure,” praised the Portuguese policy of total drug decriminalization, and reaffirmed […]

In Las Vegas, Mayors Go Rogue on Pot Legalization

by Matt Taylor Jul 6, 2013 4:45 AM EDT Daily Beast A conference of mayors unanimously calls on the federal government to butt out of marijuana policymaking. The 180 elected officials attending the annual meeting of the U.S. conference of mayors in Sin City unanimously adopted a resolution urging the federal government to let states […]

Marijuana Accounts For Vast Majority Of Drug Seizures On Mexican Border (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Huffington Post | Posted: 06/21/2013 3:41 pm EDT | Updated: 06/21/2013 3:53 pm EDT The War on Drugs is clearly a war on weed. Marijuana accounted for 99.5 percent of Border Patrol drug seizures by weight at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2011, according to an analysis by Center for Investigative Reporting in California, which […]

Racially Biased Arrests for Pot

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD Published: June 15, 2013 NYTimes Researchers have long known that African-Americans are more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, even though studies have repeatedly shown that the two groups use the drug at similar rates. New federal data, included in a study by the American Civil Liberties Union, […]

Marijuana Legalization: This Graph About the War On Drugs Should Embarrass Every American

Olivia Davis in Politics June 6 2013 Policymic Funding the War on Drugs has cost billions of dollars as it has attempted to raise drug prices, which supposedly discourages users from feeding their expensive habits. However, economic theory doesn’t always play out in reality as nicely as the theory does in the books. Not only […]

War on drugs: Truce in sight?

By Logan Jenkins4:27 P.M.JUNE 6, 2013 U-T San Diego A national study on racial profiling in marijuana arrests boots up a dusty chapter of my life. Nearly 40 years ago, I wrote a Ph.D. dissertation titled “The Literature of Addiction.” It was, if I do say so myself, a windy, pretentious and torturously written history […]